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GREENOTHON is an everlasting Environmental Responsibility (ER) process where we spread information and knowledge for environment care & concerns amongst new generation& other individuals by planting more and more trees which are medicinal or Food plants in nature, in their schools, colleagues or respective premises. The idea to start planting at school level is to help children understand& educate the importance of green environment& catch them young to solve these environmental concerns.

In this ER activity (ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY) we help people understand, how they can contribute to build healthier environment by simply sowing plants which have direct impact on human life&how to help these plants grow in to trees.


The current environmental concerns are increasing ozone levels, Global warming, Mushrooming of concrete jungles, cities becoming gas chambers owing to rising pollution levels & deforestation of hills resulting in frequent land slides etc.

Our mission “GREENOTHON”, is very simple in nature, we just do unstoppable planting of plants anywhere & everywhere possible, in any numbers from planting single plant to creating Food Forests, but we only plant those plants which either have medicinal properties or produce food for us.

Our drives encourage children to plant more trees.

Planting more trees will reduce pollution.

By donating plants you can help improve lives.

Donating to us will change the lives of the needy.

Greenothon Drives

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