Food Forest

Quick Explanation Tour to Food Forest

Undeniably, a food forest, or forest garden, has turned the traditional system of the in-ground garden on its ears. In our food forest, we will be producing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and medicinal plants and trees. Trees and plants will be grown naturally in a similar pattern they would grow in the natural world.

Typically, food forests are designed with seven different layers, unlike the single-layer found in a conventional garden. Those layers are: Sample Text

  • the canopy layer, which mainly comprises of large fruit and nut trees
  • the low tree layer comprising dwarf fruit trees
  • the shrub layer comprising fruits like blueberries and raspberries
  • the herbaceous layer comprising herbs, leafy greens and perennials
  • the rhizonosphere for root crops
  • the soil surface for ground cover crops
  • the vertical layer comprising climbers and vines

The only difference between food forest and natural forest is that the natural forests do just fine without the need of human interference. Natural forests grow and flourish without the need for outside management. But our food forest will be managed by our specialized horticulture team.

Purpose Behind Food Forest

  • To Increase Green Cover for the benefit of the environment as well as society.
  • Fostering Multi level farming to increase crop yield.
  • To maximize production of plants with medicinal properties.
  • To distribute food forest produce to NGOs, Anganwadis, old age homes or other needy societal institutions.

The walking track of Food Forest

    • In the first phase, Greenothon has taken 20 bighas of land for Food Forest in NCR region near Narela. The team has started working on the Vermi compost (Organics) composition, which will be used as main source for preparing the land for plantation. The plantation will start soon and the harvest will be ready by next 6 months.
    •  In the next phase, Greenothon is planning to take 50 bighas in Sonipat for another Food Forest. The working on the land will start by coming December.

What we give to society

  • Local Employments: The Greenothon projects will needing support from local people to grow & run these FOOD FOREST & GREENOTHON Project. Greenothon will create employment opportunities for the local people who will be hired to run this project in most desired manner. These local people are well informed of local environmental issues & local social social problems.
  • Support Government Actions: Greenothon project will support the local government for it’s Social Responsibility activities. Such as Free Vegies & fruits for it’s MID DAY MEALS or any other project run by local government.

The social partners

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