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Earth Day 2022

GREENOTHON” celebrate Earth Day to protect the planet from things like pollution and deforestation. By taking part in activities like picking up litter and planting trees, we’re making our world a happier, healthier place to live.

GREENOTHON”, is very simple in nature, we just do unstoppable planting of plants anywhere & everywhere possible, in any numbers from planting single plant to creating Food Forests, but we only plant those plants which either have medicinal properties or produce food for us.

Our drives encourage people to plant more trees.

Planting more trees will reduce pollution.

By donating plants you can help improve lives.

Donating to us will change the lives of the needy.

Greenothon Yodha Club


You can become a proud member of Greenothon Yodha Club by donating a tree for our upcoming Food Forest. Once you become the GYC member, you will be entitled for rewards & discounts on our & our partner’s platforms. Let’s be the change to save Mother Earth………Become GYC Member by clicking button below.

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215 A , IHDP Business Park, plot no 7, Sector 127, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304.

About Greenothon

GREENOTHON is an everlasting Environmental Responsibility (ER) process where we spread information and knowledge for environment care & concerns among new generation & other individuals by planting more and more trees which are medicinal or Food plants in nature, in their schools, colleges or respective premises.

Plantation Drive
By planting trees, we intend to educate young generation and other individuals about the importance of planting trees in protecting the environment and mitigating environmental concerns. visit here for purchasing beautiful indoor planters for home beautification & gifting use.
Food Forest
Giving our plantation drive a further push, we have planned to design and build edible forest gardens or food forests which contain plants of our choice. By growing oxygen plants, fruit & vegetable plants, herbs and medicinal plants , we wish to restore biodiversity. Contribute to food forest by donating trees from here

Mela by Greenothon

MELA stands for Making Earth Livable Again, is an everlasting Environmental Responsibility (ER) process where we spread information and knowledge for environment care & concerns among new generation & other individuals. The small steps taken by individual in their daily life routine can actually start the ball rolling. Steps such as min use of plastic, checking on wastage of electricity, helping in cleaning of surrounding, water preservation & planting of trees etc.

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We believe that to help them live better. 5 City Support us

Success Drive


The result of the hard work together. We so proud of this result.



Support and be part of a change now. Donate plant or get involved.

Atul Narayan Singh

Marketing Professional

Donating plants has enabled me to contribute towards the health and educational needs of under privileged. Green Environment is goal.

Pankaj Yaduka

Hindustan Times

I bought a few Air plants, Asparagus fern, Dragon Tree and many other plants and did my part for a healthy environment.

Suneel Kumar

Mera Cashier

Greenothon mission gives the satisfaction of lending your hand to uplift a needy child’s future and health by donating plants.

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Change Lives with Your Gift

Donating to Greenothon can help us creating healthier environment faster for our children. Join your hand with us for a better life and Green future.

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