Water Revival

Water Bodies Rejuvenation

  • The five basics Water Body problems, Foul Smell, Algal Blooms, Weeds, Sludge, and Mosquitoes/ can be -solved by Ayurveda in In-Situ conditions. The additional benefits of a treated Water body can be used for consuming Sewage, Aquifer Recharge, Air Pollution Mitigation, and Drinking Water sources, An Alive Perennial Waterbody will also act as a Carbon Sink for Climate Change Mitigation and thus solving the problems of Drought and Floods.
  •  the process of Treatment is Diluted in a Borewell Water in a ratio of 1ml: 10 Ltrs and just poured in a Waterbody. The Quantity and Frequencyof Dosing depend on the Size of the Waterbody and the amount, kind, and frequency of contamination coming in.

Some Videos Of Water Bodies Rejuvenation

  • The prerequisites to treat any Water body should not be laminated from the bottom: it should not be covered from the top; it should be an open environment for Fresh Air circulation; Minimum Surface Area should not be less than 10,000 Sq. Feet for ample Sunlight and last but not the least should have a Water Level of a minimum of 5 Feet (this minimum Water Level requirement is not applicable for Flowing Water Body like River or Drains).
  • The Ayurveda Treatment keeps the Seepage ON and Leakage Off and thus makes the WaterBody Perennial. Ayurveda also does a treatment of the Waterbody as a Living Being. And every impurity except Plastic and Concrete Waste gets consumed inside the Water Ecology itself. So a Healthy Water Body will have perfect Lab Parameters.
  • None of the Parameters have any proven direct relationship with the five common Problems we are supposed to solve. And we also do Desalination as Salt gets consumed in Aqua Ecology. But we need a Pond or a Lake to do it.

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