UP to plant 25 crore trees next year

Uttar Pradesh is likely to use the multi-storey plantation technique to successfully raise 25 crore trees next year. Since planting 25 crore trees is a massive work, the state’s focus is on using techniques that would plant the maximum possible number of trees on the available land.

Japan’s Miyabaki is what the forest department has already zeroed in on. It has trees planted very close and forming dense canopies. The technique could be of much use in cities where space is less. Similarly, multi-storey plantation technique also uses lesser space .

Trees’ height and requirement of sunlight are the deciding factors for spacing. Trees are planted very close and those growing up to 40 feet or more may form the first layer. Comparatively, shorter ones would be planted next and the ones that grow like shrubs and bushes may form the third layer. “It would cut down the requirement of land. At the same time, help grows a variety of trees on the same piece of land,” said sources in the forest department. Trees that demand more sunlight may be planted in the front row and others in the rows behind. Since the techniques are the tested one, the success rate is almost assured.

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